Fireworks season can come on super-fast and there is a lot to do in a short period of time and know that marketing and PR can go to the bottom of your to do list. For this video and blog, we are sharing a variety of public relations tips and tricks that you can use to for your fireworks business.

Why media coverage is important

Nothing guarantee’s success with the news media. This is very different from purchasing an ad. Whether you are putting together a flyer or talking to your local media, having consistent messaging ensures your brand is more memorable and even more visible. That’s why you see some of the most successful brands stick with the same branding for decades to maintain their visibility. This is true for messaging as well. We want to all be saying the same things in our interviews.

Media coverage let’s you tell your brand or company story, bring awareness to your company, and educate the community.

Working with the media

Before you ever start an interview, you must develop a plan. If you could write the story, what would it say? What would the headline be? Think about the audience and try to put yourself into the media outlet’s position when thinking through the story angle.

Write talking points (bulleted messages) for the interview. We recommend three key messages. This is your way to control the message. What are the obvious questions that you know they’ll ask you? Where are you vulnerable? Think of answers to those too and practice.

Lastly, reporters love a good story. Come up with an anecdote and make it succinct. That’s the one that will probably be your soundbite!

You also want to get your team ready for interviews. Make sure to identify who will handle media inquiries, do the interview, and capture social media pictures. When you first talk with the local media, make sure and ask the most important question. When is your deadline? You can also ask the following questions:

  • What topic or message are you interested in?
  • How do you see my business being part of the story? What information do you need?
  • Try to get a gauge on the reporter’s knowledge/feelings so far
  • The medium (TV, radio, print, web)
  • The format (in-person, Zoom, live, taped, feature, investigative)
  • Talk about video or photo opportunities

TV tips and tricks

Once you finalize your store or business message, connect with local media, and have an interview scheduled, your prep work is almost complete! Of course everyone is nervous when interview time comes, but try to relax!

  • Try not to shift from one leg to another. Plant your feel evenly and be natural with your gestures
  • Avoid frowning or fake smiles and be careful about when you think the camera isn’t on you.
  • Wear a logoed shirt
  • Think about where you want to be interviewed in the store – what’s behind you?
  • Speak clearly and naturally (conversationally) in short phrases.
  • Make good eye contact with the reporter interviewing you (don’t look at the camera).
  • Most importantly – SMILE!

Watch the full YouTube video for possible story ideas, learn how to answer difficult questions and get ideas on how to extend your media coverage to social media outlets.