Sales/Shipping Documents

There are a variety of documents that must be completed before you place your firework order. For example, where applicable, your retail license must be established, extension of liability insurance needs to be paid and a payment method between you and Winco must be set up. An overview of key documents is below and can be found under each location listing.

Sales Documents

You will find the following sales documents for each location: ACH forms and credit request documents.  Also available – permits and license and extension of liability insurance forms, where applicable. Winco fireworks accepts the following forms of payments – credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover), wire transfers, check or ACH.  The preferred method of payment is ACH.  Before you finalize your firework order, you may be required to purchase a retail license to sell consumer fireworks in your desired selling state.  Winco offers Arkansas and Oklahoma Retail Fireworks Licenses and must be paid for before issuance.  If you require a retail fireworks license for any other state, you would need to contact your local State Fire Marshall.

Winco Fireworks extension of liability forms vary by warehouse location and certificates must be paid for before issuance. Product liability is automatically included on all Winco Fireworks product purchases. Certificates reflecting proof of product liability are available upon written request. Please note, all customers are responsible for their own property coverage such as stock, tables, tents, buildings, etc.

Shipping Documents

Shipping documents vary by warehouse location. For each location, you will find the 1.4G Safety Data Sheets, Emergency Response Information and Shipping Inspection Policy.

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