Frequently Asked Questions

To help you navigate the fireworks business we have compiled a list of the most asked questions. Below you will find questions and answers regarding the ordering, shipping, needed permits and regulatory information related to consumer fireworks. If you have specific questions regarding your order, please reach out to your Winco representative.

How do I place a fireworks order?2021-03-04T12:46:54+00:00

Winco is a business-to-business (B2B) operation. To buy fireworks, you must go through a Winco sales representative and complete the required paperwork. To get started, click here and select the option that best describes your business situation

Is there a minimum purchase requirement for an initial order?2020-12-01T15:27:52+00:00

Minimum purchase requirement varies by location. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Can I purchase individual items?2020-12-01T15:28:26+00:00

No, we sell case lots only.

When is the last day to submit my initial fireworks order?2020-12-01T15:28:41+00:00

Overall, it depends on where the order is being shipped to. Typically, initial orders should be placed no later than June 15th.

Can I order fireworks on July 4?2020-12-01T16:19:31+00:00

It depends on your location. Winco currently has seven warehouses throughout the country and can usually serve local customers on July 4th. Click here to see all of the Winco Fireworks warehouse locations.

What is required to become a customer?2020-12-01T16:19:38+00:00
  1. Have a retail and/or wholesale fireworks related company.
  2. Proof of proper licensing and resale tax permits where applicable.
  3. Ability to pay for fireworks

Note: Winco is a wholesale, business-to-business, firework importer and does not sell directly to the consumer.

What types of payments do you accept?2021-03-04T16:44:14+00:00
  1. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Additional charges may apply.
  2. ACH: Preferred method
  3. Money Order: We cannot process your order until your payment clears.
  4. Cashiers Check
  5. Personal/Business Check: We cannot process your order until your payment clears.
  6. Wire Transfer
  7. Established customers can apply for credit and terms.  Acceptance and approval are subject to the completion of credit documents and credit history review.
Once I place my order, how can I receive or pick up my fireworks?2021-03-12T17:44:18+00:00
  • Delivery to a business address – full truck loads or less than truck loads
  • Delivery to a residential address – LTL carriers will consider an address residential if there is a house on or near the property. There is an additional charge for this option. Please note: You assume all liability for legal storage.
  • Terminal pick up – Delivery to your local trucking terminal where you can go and pick-up the fireworks. There is still a charge for shipping to the terminal and carriers will charge detention fees if not picked up within a certain time frame.
  • Pick up at Winco Fireworks International or satellite locations – Picking up the shipment from a Winco warehouse eliminates shipping costs all together. Please note: orders must be placed in advance and an appointment for pick up is necessary for this option. You will need to ensure your order will be able to fit in the vehicle you bring. Your sales representative will be able to give you an estimate of how many pallets/cases your order will be.
How are shipping charges calculated?2020-12-01T16:24:03+00:00

Shipping costs are based on shipment weight and destination. The more an order weighs and/or the farther the delivery location is, the more the total freight charge will be. Some shipments may qualify for a volume quote based on the weight/# of pallets and destination zip code. You can request a freight quote when placing your order.  We ship full truck loads, as well as less than truck loads (LTL).

What type of equipment do I need once my fireworks are delivered?2021-03-12T17:03:47+00:00

Please note: delivery drivers will not unload your fireworks. You need to have staff and equipment such as a forklift available. If you do not have a dock for the truck to back into you will need a forklift or liftgate service added to your delivery charge.  Liftgates are only available on LTL shipment.  Depending on the size of your shipment you may need additional staff to help in the unloading process. Carriers allow a certain amount of time for unloading. For full truckloads that is typically two hours. Any time past the allotted time frame will result in detention charges that will be billed to your account.

How do I know when my fireworks will be delivered?2020-12-01T16:26:21+00:00
  • Please call your sales representative if you would like an estimated delivery date. Please note that transit times do NOT include the date of shipment, weekends or holidays. A call to notify delivery on LTL shipments will result in a one-day delivery delay.
  • You may track your shipment at any time once the carrier has picked the order up from our warehouse by contacting customer service and referencing the pro # provided with your paperwork from your sales representative. Our most frequent carriers are Saia, XPO, and Old Dominion.
What does LTL mean?2021-03-12T17:04:14+00:00

LTL means, “Less Than a Truck Load.” Orders are shipped via LTL carriers when they do not fill an entire trailer, or when there are services required at delivery such as a liftgate.

What does a Full Truck load mean?2020-12-01T16:29:06+00:00
  • A full truckload shipment means that the order is 22-28 pallets of product and fills a 53’ trailer. Full truck load carriers DO NOT offer liftgate services. A dock and/or forklift will be required to unload the product. Like LTL shipments, the driver WILL NOT unload the product.
  • When you agree to our Purchasing and Hold Harmless Agreement you are stating that you have all necessary permits. It is then your responsibility, not that of Winco Fireworks International, LLC to ensure that you can legally possess these fireworks. People who do not have permits where required run the risk of fines and/or confiscation of fireworks without any recourse to us or the shipping company.
What firework permits are required to sell fireworks?2020-12-01T19:21:35+00:00

Depending on where you are located, you might be required to obtain state and local firework permits. In addition, proof of insurance might be required to sell fireworks in your area. Check with our local authority for licensing requirements.

Can I purchase state permits through Winco Fireworks?2021-03-12T17:04:59+00:00

Arkansas and Oklahoma retail license are available through Winco Fireworks. Customers should work with their sales representative to complete the proper paperwork completed. Click here to access the Arkansas and Oklahoma permit information.

Are fireworks legal in my state?2020-12-01T19:35:06+00:00

You may want to consult with the state, county, and local officials in the area where you will be shooting and or selling fireworks. Your local fire department will usually be aware of firework laws in your area. Please visit https://www.americanpyro.com/state-law-directory for a directory of state laws.

What are the guidelines for shipping consumer fireworks?2020-12-01T20:15:10+00:00

Consumer fireworks are considered hazardous materials (hazmat) Division 1.4G explosives, and their safe transport is regulated by the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) department. Click here to read the shipping requirements https://www.phmsa.dot.gov/sites/phmsa.dot.gov/files/docs/Consumer_Fireworks_Card.pdf

Do you have firework safety resources available?2020-12-01T20:18:50+00:00

We work closely with American Pyrotechnics Association and the Consumer Products Safety Commission to address issues concerning the industry. We recommend checking out the fireworks safety tips on the American Pyrotechnics Association website at https://www.americanpyro.com/tips-to-celebrate-safely

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