Are you receiving your fireworks from a freight carrier or planning to pick up this season? Whichever option you choose, we want to make sure your order is accurate and in perfect condition. Here are tips for receiving, inspecting, and unloading your fireworks order.

How to receive your fireworks

Inspect order: As the pallets are coming off the truck, look for damaged product – torn shrink wrap, misshaped, or opened boxes. If you notice any of these things, please take pictures for documentation purposes and request a damage form from the truck driver and contact your sales representative.

Delivery List: Once your fireworks order has been placed, pulled, and loaded onto a truck, your sales representative will send you an order receipt. Typically, you will receive this via email, or it will be attached to the pallets. Review your order receipt line by line and compare to what was delivered. You want to make sure you are receiving what you paid for! If your order is incorrect, contact your sales representative.


Tools: As you unload your fireworks and either store them or stock on the shelves. You will need a handful of tools. We recommend pallet jacks, a standard steel dolly, box cutters and gloves. These tools will make sure you safely and efficiently unload your fireworks and get them on the shelve.

Picking up your fireworks order

If you are planning to pick up your fireworks in person, our biggest piece of advice is to make sure you have a vehicle large enough for your order. The bigger the better! Fireworks seem small when looking at them on the shelve, however, when packed together in a large case, they take up a lot of space. Packing can get trickly, and space is often limited in smaller type vehicles. We recommend a 10-foot truck or larger. If you do not have a large vehicle, you can always rent one from a local truck/trailer vendor.

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