Pyro Scan

Lightweight and compact (9″ x 12″), this fireworks scanning system encourages customer interaction.  The customer will simply scan the barcode and will be presented with the product video.  When Pyro Scan is not in use, you may choose to loop product videos or leave the standard Pyro Scan instruction screen active.  Very easy to install, add video and update.  Simply supply a HDMI cable and a TV and your electronic salesperson is in place.  Pyro Scan comes preloaded with Winco Fireworks entire catalog.  Easily add any video not supplied.  Contact your Ann Cooke or your salesperson for pricing.  Replacement USB flash drives available for an additional cost.

Updates will be posted here when available.

To order, contact Ann Cooke at (913) 749-1842

Pyro Scan

Pyro Scan Video Downloads

Below are files that can be downloaded, extracted and added to the ‘Video’ folder on the Pyro Scan usb flash drive. If prompted, choose to replace the videos on the USB drive with the files downloaded.

**UPDATED** 2/9/22 Video Update (8 parts – 116 total videos)
Download Updates Here
Winda – Cherry Bomber – Download Here

Video Update (11 total videos)
Download Here – 11 Videos

Video Update 12/9/20 (2 parts – 31 total videos)
Download Part 1 – 15 Videos
Download Part 2 – 16 Videos

Video Update 4/16/20 (4 parts – 57 total videos)
Download Part 1 – 15 Videos
Download Part 2 – 14 Videos
Download Part 3 – 14 Videos
Download Part 4 – 14 Videos

Video Update 6/25/19 (Contains 32 videos) – Download Here

The Terminator™ 5″ Shell Video – Download Here
The Terminator™ Assortment Video – Download Here

Database and Resource Downloads

Pyro Scan User Guide Download

**UPDATED** 2/9/22 Scan UPC-Item Database

Pyro Scan Barcode issues – From time to time, the scanner will not sense movement and there is a delay in the scanner waking up.  Here is a programming sheet that will allow you to scan a barcode to program the scanner to remain awake. It also has the ability to set it back to default should you inadvertently scan a different barcode.  To use, simply print the page and scan the barcode (identified by the bottom arrow) while Pyro Scan is up and running. Download Here

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