Industry Update: September 2021

Mike Collar and Gooch Guccione provide a quick update for what the fall season may look like. In China, factories are coming back to work after shutting down for the heat break. There was a good amount of product in process and production seems to be picking up. However, the issue continues to be shipping space.
Beihai does not shut down for the heat, which allows them time to get ahead of the Hunan providence. However, they are facing shipping issues – only working off one shipping line and seeing the costs increase.
We are anticipating a tight fall season and will focus on the southern region – those states that have a New Year’s season.
Things might loosen up in January. However, since our price list was published, we have already seen an increase in freight. We will continue to monitor and adjust the price list accordingly – there could be multiple updates to the price list prior to the 4th of July season. We are doing our best to absorb costs where it makes sense and be honest about the situation.

Some of our Louisiana locations were affected by Hurricane Ida and are just now getting power back up and running. We are so thankful everyone is safe and are hopeful we will be up and running for the New Year’s season.

Winco will not be at NFA this year. This year, we have received a large quantity of leads and are doing our best to reach to folks. We wish all our partners the best of luck at NFA and enjoy the time!


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