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Why Black Cat?

Black Cat is the best you can get!

Black Cat® is the oldest registered consumer fireworks brand in the US, and is one of the most recognized fireworks brands. From 1952 to the present, Black Cat® remains “The Best You Can Get” in consumer fireworks.

Quality is second to none
All Black Cat products undergo extensive quality testing to ensure each product delivers the biggest boom and most vibrant design possible. Below are a few samples of how the brand achieves the highest quality.

Firecrackers: Tighter wrapping and thicker tubes for bigger bangs, maximum alloy materials allowed, resulting in a 5% dud rate, compared with approx. 20 – 50% for generics.

Fountains: Black Cat produces the “cleanest” fountains in the market, meaning they do not fill tubes with redundant filler compounds, like low grade charcoal, that makes the fountain look “full”, but only dirties up the effects.

Rockets: These products are not only the loudest on the market, they are the most “consistent-in-flight” available. The stick is tested for rigidity, rocket motor is tested and bottle rockets are packed with 50mg of report – highest in the industry.

Aerials: Nobody else out there puts their Aerials through a 40 point compliance check, never skimps on material and chemicals, and consistently puts out “best color and effects: performance.

Smoke: Unlike generics that last 6-8 seconds and come packed in paper or clay casings, Black Cat uses sawdust wrap casing and more colors per package, lasting up to 20 seconds.

Why you need to sell Black Cat?
Black Cat fireworks is a brand consumers know, trust and continually ask for when purchasing product. This globally recognized brand will help drive traffic to your location creates repeat purchases, driving up customer loyalty – ensuring customers come back year after year.

Learn more about the Black Cat partner program here

Becoming a Black Cat® Partner
By selling more Black Cat product, you will also have access to the most compre¬hensive set of Programs and Marketing Services in the Industry, from on-line Listing in the Dealer Locator, to Ads (TV, Radio, Print), Consumer Promotions, Accessories and Signage.

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