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(6" double break shells)) Two Each- Assorted Double Breaks
A: Red coco palm with silver plum blossom + green coco palm with gold plum blossom
B: Green coco palm with red plum blossom + orange coco palm with white strobes
C: Super gold coco palm to color tips + silver coco palm with chrysanthemums
D: Brocade crown to white strobe + blue peony with gold titanium chrysanthemums
E: Deep red blue peony with crackle + brocade crown to chrysanthemums
F: Purple green peony with gold titanium chrysanthemums + brocade crown with red plum blossom

(5" with gold titanium willow effect) Nishiki Kamuro w/ Color Tips
A: Gold titanium willow to blue
B: Gold titanium willow to green
C: Gold titanium willow to purple
D: Gold titanium willow to crackle
E: Gold titanium willow to red strobes
F: Gold titanium willow to green strobes

(5" shells with whirlwind tail) Color Whirlwind Tail Effects
A: Red whirlwind tail to purple green dahlia and yellow plum blossom
B: Green whirlwind tail to orange blue dahlia and red plum blossom
C: Purple whirlwind tail to orange coco palm with green strobes
D: Silver whirlwind tail to color dahlia with crackle
E: Orange whirlwind tail to crackling willow with green strobes
F: Crackling whirlwind tail to color dahlia with silver plum blossom

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