Brothers Classics

Parrots' Prattle: Whistling to red and white palms; white flashes and whistles

Shotgun Wedding: Whistling tails to red and green palms with white flash; whistles and whistling tails to crackling flowers

Uncle Sam's Answer: Gold stars, crackling and multi colored bouquets

Atom Bomb: Crackling tail to red crackling stars; green and blue bouquets

# of Shots:
Parrots' Prattle, Shotgun Wedding and Atom Bomb: 36
Uncle Sam's Answer: 16
Parrots' Prattle and Shotgun Wedding: 8" H X 10.5" W X 10.5" D
Uncle Sam's Answer: 8" H X 10.25" W X 10.25" D
Atom Bomb: 8" H X 10.75" W X 10.75" D

Wholesale Information

Packing: 1/4
Case Weight:
Parrots' Prattle: 687985-298518
Shotgun Wedding: 687985-206414
Uncle Sam's Answer: 687985-202218
Atom Bomb: 687985-901319
CBM: .082
EX#: 2001010109, 2001010101, 2002090202, 2001100180

Category: Multi Shot-500 Gram

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