4 Pack Assorted

This convenient multi-shot 4 pack assortment of #900 shells ranges from 7 to 11 shots each and displays a variety of sensational effects.

Bootlegger Bomb: Seven sensational shots that whistle at discharge and crackle as each shell travels to 200 feet to create explosions of red, silver, purple and brilliant white.
UPC: 715244-800209

Bombs Away: Lots of brilliant white crackling lights and sizzling silver bursts light up the sky with a strobe light effect. Very loud discharge of all shots.
UPC: 652009-110305

Black Cat Aerial Showcase: This eight shot multiple tube shoots red, green and silver palm, red and green chrysanthemum, comets, blue tail, brocade crown, with red glitter and reports.
UPC: 715244-709908

Midnight Barrage: One of our most popular items, this 7 shot, 14 color break tube consists of purple, blue, red, and green pearls, white glitter, dragon eggs, crackle, blue, green and red palm.
UPC: 652009-110329

Size: 18" H X 7" OD

Wholesale Information

Packing: 4/1
Case Weight: 25 lbs
UPC: See above
SKU: ASZ1000
CBM: .042
EX#: 2008020020

Category: Night Shells

SKU: ASZ1000 Category: