3 Monkey’s

1. See No Evil: red tail to red peony with white strobe, red tail to blue peony with green strobe, red tail to green peony with red strobe.
2. Hear No Evil: blue tail to red coco palm with green strobe, blue tail to yellow coco palm with gold chrysanthemums, blue tail to gold willow with blue pearls.
3. Speak No Evil: red tail to green coco palm with red strobe; green tail to purple peony with crackle; red tail to brocade crown with chrysanthemums.
2. Crackle bouquets with tails & whistles

# of Shots: 9 shots each
Size: 4.5x3x3

Wholesale Information

Packing: 3/16
Case Weight: 37 lbs
UPC: Hear No Evil - 514677560106/Speak No Evil - 514677660103/See No Evil - 514677460109
SKU: MEF6010
FC#: 1112019104498/1112019104499/1112019104500

Category: Multi Shot-200 Gram

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