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Aaron Colson, Black Market Fireworks

Meet Aaron Colson from Black Market Fireworks, Joplin, MO and Winco Fireworks customer since 1978. Like many fireworks business owners, Aaron Colson grew up “in” the family business. His father, Vic Colson, started the company and retired from the business after a lifetime career in the fireworks industry. Aaron and his wife, Heather, intend to pass the legacy on to their daughters someday.

Six New Black Cat Value Cakes

As order sheets are finalized, we wanted to share a few highlights from the new product catalog. This year, we have more Black Cat® products than previous years, are offering quality promotional and true value cakes. These new cakes give you the chance to get Black Cat fireworks in the hands of more customers and will beat any generic counterpart on performance.

Meet the Team: Bruce Pyles

From the Midwest to the South, Bruce Pyles moved nearly 1,000 miles to sell fireworks. With what started out as a summer gig, grew into a full-time opportunity has now turned into an almost forty-year career. Bruce has experience in all aspects of the fireworks business, from running retail locations to building warehouses.

The Black Cat Story

“Hey, where’d you get that shirt? I love Black Cat fireworks!” That’s what Winco CEO Mike Collar hears whenever he wears one of his Black Cat shirts anywhere in the United States.
When you think about the Black Cat® logo and the brand, there aren’t many brands with a logo that is as recognized across..

Winco partners with Corbion for Harvestors event

Even during the off season, our team is making assortments and loading fireworks on trailers. This year, we tried something different. Our warehouse neighbor, Corbion was planning their annual Harvesters volunteer day and we wanted to help. The Winco team...

From Firework Stand to Smartphone App

From firework stand to smartphone app, see how Winco Fireworks is at the forefront of a new technological advancement for the industry: lighting fireworks and creating entire shows from a mobile device. Mike Collar, Winco president and COO along with Kevin...