Da Big Box of Bombs

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Atom Bomb: Crackling tail to red crackling stars; green and blue bouquets

Hydrogen Bomb: Whistling tail to red, green palm with silver and whistles; whistling tail to crackling flowers

Neutron Bomb: Comet and flashing tails to bouquets, stars and flying fish

Cobalt Bomb: Whistling tails to palms with flashing and whistles

# of Shots: 36
Size: 8″ H X 10.75″ W X 10.75″ D

Wholesale Information

Packing: 1/4
Case Weight: 37.4 lbs
UPC: All 4: 687985-301393
Atom Bomb: 687985-901319
Hydrogen Bomb: 687985-901326
Neutron Bomb: 687985-901333
Cobalt Bomb: 687985-901340
CBM: .066
EX#: 2001010101

Category: Multi Shot-500 Gram

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