Da Best of the Best

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Green Monster: Huge green breaks; green tail up green dahlia with green glittering; green flowering leaves; finale with green dahlia with green strobes

Dixie Redneck: Red tail to red dahlia with red strobes; red fish; brocade crown with red strobes; red palm tree with red strobes; finale with brocade crown and red glittering

Sword of the Avenger: Blue star and blue palm tree; blue star with crackling; blue peony with silver strobes; finale with blue star to brocade crown

Crocodile War: Golden tails to brocade crown waterfall; gold waves with gold glittering; red dahlia with gold strobes; gold palm trees with strobes; finale with big golden palm trees

# of Shots:
Green Monster: 28
Dixie Redneck: 26
Sword of the Avenger: 24
Crocodile War: 28
Size: 11.75″ H X 11.75″ W X 8.5″ D

Wholesale Information

Packing: 4/1
Case Weight: 32 lbs
Green Monster: 141203-355105
Dixie Redneck: 141203-355204
Sword of the Avenger: 141203-355303
Crocodile War: 141203-355402
SKU: MELC3551-54
CBM: .085
EX#: 1102014100003, 1102014110019, 1102014100005

Category: Multi Shot-500 Gram

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