American Chief

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1 Tube
12 Shots

1. Crackling and blue sparkle with tail
2. Flashing with 2 whistles with tail
3. Blue stars with bees with tail
4. Red, white, blue and reports with tail
5. Blue stars with double spinners with tail
6. Crackling and blue flower double shells with tail
7. Red stars to crackling with double spinners
8. Red peony to crackling with whistling with tail
9. Green palm with crackling tail
10. Yellow peony with green palm
11. Green ring
12. Red ring

# of Breaks:12
Size: 12″ H X 7″ W X 4″ D

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Packing: 12/12
Case Weight: 31 lbs
UPC: 687985-291915
CBM: .075
EX#: 2005120237

Category: Artillery Shells

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