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Container Program


Importing Fireworks

Are you looking to import fireworks from China? Winco’s import program streamlines the process, offers a wide a variety of product choices and helps cut costs – ultimately allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Importing fireworks can be a complicated process from finding a quality factory to organizing transportation and managing the correct custom clearances. Winco has been importing fireworks for over 30 years and has a staff with double the years of experience – many of whom are second and third generation firework store operators.

Buying a container can substantially reduce product cost. This increases profit margin and gives you a competitive advantage over your competition. Customers who purchase a container of fireworks through Winco receive access to a larger product line and ensure stock on top selling products.

Place your order in the fall to avoid sellouts or production delays in the spring. Call 816-697-2217 today to receive our import price lists or to place your order.

A summary of purchasing a container from Winco Fireworks International:

  • Savings: Our customers will receive the lowest possible price per unit and save money on shipping.
  • Product mix: After 65 years, Winco customers can now combine Black Cat, Asia Pyro, select Winda items and other Winco private label products on one container.
  • Direct shipping: Fireworks ship directly from China to our customers, creating more efficient operations and inventory control


Key Considerations

When importing fireworks, the first step is to pick your products and determine the size of container needed as all containers are shipped full. There are two sizes of containers to choose from, standard and high cube. Another factor to consider when importing fireworks direct from China is the fulfillment rate. The earlier orders are submitted to Winco, the better the fulfillment rate will be. Fulfillment rate is the percentage of your order that the factory has ready when shipment is initiated.


Ordering Tips

To make the ordering process go smoothly, remember these tips

  • Plan to purchase at least 20 cases of each item.
  • Be flexible! Product substitutions may be needed based on factory production levels.
  • Include substitute items in your order to fill the container as quickly as possible.
  • Plan ahead and be ready to submit your order in early Fall!

If you are ready to place an order, or would like more information, give us a call today at 816-697-2217