It’s no secret that the 2021 season is going to look different than prior years due to low firework inventory and rising costs.

Today we are sharing tips to get you prepared for this unique season ahead!


  1. Get your order in! Contact your sales rep with any questions.*
  2. Review wholesale price list and start determining everything! What products are you going to sell and at what price? Do you need to raise some prices?
  3. Update your price cards
  4. Make sure all licenses, permits, and leases are current (both in fees paid and with documents to display)
  5. Clean your store, make any repairs or updates, refresh landscape, and prepare carts and baskets
  6. Prepare supplies for your tent (bunting, signs, fire extinguishers, tape, tables, etc.) for delivery
  7. Order registers and credit card machines. We have a video all about point of sale (POS) systems, how to use them, and which POS system we recommend here.
  8. Start marketing your location! Set up radio ads, put up your signs, start posting on social media, update your Google My Business page, etc. Need more marketing tips? Watch our video with 5 tips to marketing your temporary location.
  9. Start hiring!


  1. Merchandise your store

We recommend avoid putting multiple best sellers next to each other and spreading out your favorites, so you don’t burn through your top products and you don’t have any big gaps once it gets closer to 4th of July.

If your location has endcaps, this is a great space for displaying special deals or promotions you might have. If not, find another high traffic front of store area that will grab the customer’s attention. Establishing a dedicated clearance section can also be beneficial to attract those customers looking for deals.

We also have a video all about merchandising your fireworks tent!

  1. Train your staff! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Consider role playing different scenarios such as answering frequently asked questions and helping customers find the right products. Encourage your staff to not stick to their same favorite recommendations with all the customers they talk to so that you keep a good selection of items all season.

Here are talking points you will want to make sure your staff knows to communicate with shoppers:

  • Advise early shoppers that say they will come back that there is a product shortage, so there is not a guarantee that what they want will still be available and to get what they need now.
  • Explain why the rewards and deals have been severely affected this year.
  • How to handle customers that are upset about out-of-stock products or higher prices this season.
  • Encourage customers that like to “load up” on shells to try out cakes since shells will be in short supply
  1. Create signage to let customers know about the fireworks shortages and put them up throughout the store.

It will be another crazy season this year for different reasons, but just like last year, learn to be flexible and adapt when possible. And don’t forget that customer service is key! For more advice and tips for your fireworks business, subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

*Please note: At the time this blog post was written and published, Winco Fireworks is not accepting new customers.

Blog photo from Charlie’s in Hillsboro in 2020