As one of the oldest registered consumer fireworks brands in the United States, Black Cat® Fireworks has always stood for quality, safety, value, and tradition. From handmade paper to hand mixing the powder and filling, many of the original processes still take place today ensuring the highest quality firecracker on the market.

What makes Black Cat Firecrackers different?

Black Cat® uses a unique and traditional way of sealing each tube unlike other brands that use clay plugs to simplify their production process.

Paper quality is another key component that sets Black Cat® firecrackers apart from the competition. Black Cat® uses the highest quality handmade paper. This unique paper is one contributor to the loud bang produced by firecrackers. After exploding, you will notice most of the paper will be completely smashed and covers the ground.

The technique for filling the inner diameter also takes a skillful hand. Only experienced workers have the knowledge to mix in the exact powder it will take to create the loud bangs customers want.

Crack open a Black Cat® firecracker and you will find approximately 30% more paper and extra rolled layers than other brands. It will have a thinner diameter with thicker walls which means a louder boom.

Throughout the process, we use the best and purist chemicals, monitor the powder weight of each tube, tube size, and inner diameter to ensure we keep our dud rate as low as possible.

Today, the Black Cat® logo is one of the most recognized consumer brands for good reason. From the ancient tradition of burning firecrackers for good luck to celebrating America, the Black Cat® brand creates and keeps traditions alive with the highest quality firecrackers.

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