Andy Swickard
Your Title: Regional Sales Representative
Location you work at: Anderson, IN

  • How long have you been working for Winco? 7 years
  • What is your favorite firework? Color Wars
  • Share a “Classic” fireworks story from your time with Winco. I have plenty, but to be published is one thing.
  • If you could meet anyone in history, dead or alive who would it be? Everyone that owes me money!’

We have a NEW warehouse in Indiana!

Andy recently moved to a NEW warehouse in Indiana! After eight years in Indianapolis, Winco Fireworks of Indiana moved to Anderson in 2021. This space is 35,000 square feet with four docking locations and a renovated office space.

Andy is excited about the new upgrades such as two bathrooms, heat, AC, and an awesome showroom with two Pyro Scans!

From coast to coast, we’ve got you covered. Click here for a full list of our locations across the U.S. 

More photos of the new space!