Tonya Jones
Title: Warehouse Manager
Location you work at: Gulf Coast Fireworks in Ponchatoula, LA

How long have you been working for Winco?
I started in March 2007

How did you get started with Winco?
I first started off making assortment bags when we were located in Denham Springs before we merged with Ponchatoula. I wanted to try to work in the warehouse and the guys that worked there didn’t think I could hang but look at me now! #girlstrong

What is your favorite firework?
My favorite one would have to be the Saturn Missiles. I love the sound of them going off and then it would have to be Tweaked Out or Black Cat Color Wars! They are both BEAUITFUL!

Share a “Classic” fireworks story from your time with Winco.
My story would have to be the Great Flood of 2016. The warehouse is my second home and to see everything you work for and have done to keep it going just swept away like that it is very upsetting. But we have overcome so many obstacles the past few years that we can overcome anything in the fireworks business. We never let it stop us or hold us down!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I have 4 kids and my first grandbaby on the way. So, my spare time is spending it with my kids and if I’m not with them or at work you can find me at the gym. (It’s my happy place!)

Provide your favorite inspirational quote.
It would have to be the first time I was called “Mommy” by my kids and “Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision.” – Unknown

If you could meet anyone in history, dead or alive who would it be?
Marilyn Monroe or Adam Levine!