Meet our Winco team member, Shelly!

Shelly Gibbs | Regulatory Coordinator/Insurance Administrator
Location: Winco Headquarters | Grandview, Missouri

How long have you been working for Winco?
I began working for the Collar Family at Zenith Specialties in Clinton, Missouri in December 1998. I transferred to Winco in March 2008. So, I have worked for the Collar Family 22 years this December.

How did you get started with Winco?
I interviewed for a job at a bank in Clinton, MO. The bank President knew Mike was looking for a Safety Coordinator and suggested I contact him to set up an interview. So, I did, and the rest is history!

How many years have you been involved with APA?
I have been attending and volunteering at APA conventions for 21 years.

What is your role with the organization?
I help at the registration desk at events and conventions and coordinate and prepare the APA Conventions Books. I am also the Co-Chair of the Standards Committee which is responsible for making sure that the APA 87-1 Standard that DOT uses to approve the shipment of fireworks is up to date and accurate.  I have been on this committee for over 10 years.

What is your favorite firework?
My favorite fireworks are Black Cat Wild Card fountain and all Neon products!