Are you considering starting your own fireworks business? If you are, we can help! Before you start picking out product or scouting locations, the number one question to ask is, “Can I sell fireworks?” Fireworks sold in retail stores, tents and stands are consumer fireworks that have been approved by the CPSC and labeled as 1.4G.

Selling fireworks is fun, fast paced and can be very rewarding. And like all retail businesses you will need to have a financial plan, hire and train employees, select a point of sale system, think about marketing, select product, organize permits and licenses and finally open your store or tent for business.

As a tool, we created a Monthly Fireworks Tent Checklist. This checklist will help you run a successful fireworks tent and keep you organized. As you can see, planning starts up to 6 months in advance! For an even more comprehensive list, you can reach out to your Winco Sales Representative.

Monthly Fireworks Tent Checklist


  • Secure property location with signed lease from property owner.


  • Obtain liability insurance for firework tent.
  • Obtain local/state firework permits and licenses.
  • Order tent.


  • Attend Winco Blast Off (Fireworks Demo Night)
  • Place Firework order with Winco.
  • Finalize marketing/advertising campaign.
  • Secure tables, cash registers, fire extinguishers, light strings and all tent supplies.
  • Secure signed copies of tent operator agreement or not-for-profit agreement.


  • Order all signs/banners needed.
  • Order Porta Potty if needed.
  • Order garbage dumpster if needed.
  • Secure temporary electrical service with local utility company or generator.
  • Do ground prep (where applicable) clear weeds, brush, grate or compact if needed
  • Order storage container or trailer. If permitted by property owner or local authority


  • Schedule with Fire Marshal to inspect location.