As order sheets are finalized, we wanted to share a few highlights from the new product catalog. This year, we have more Black Cat® products than previous years, are offering quality promotional and true value cakes. These new cakes give you the chance to get Black Cat fireworks in the hands of more customers and will beat any generic counterpart on performance. These six cakes can be sold individually or in any four-pack combo and still offer great margins!

Black Cat® Night Howler: This is a 15-shot cake in the up to 500 gram category that starts with a glittering mine up to a whistle. The bright green, gold and blood red colors light up with sky as the big bangs echo on!

Black Cat® Fireball: This is a 12 cake in the up to 500 gram category that offers a fast-paced start to any show. You get the traditional brocade crown effects with red and silver colors and the crackle and glitter too!

Black Cat® LED: Big stars, glitter and comets that hang in the sky is how we like to describe this one! This 500 gram cake starts the show with a white glitter mine and gold comets. Has big purple stars with green and gold glitter and has a flower brocade. 15 shots.

Black Cat® Hot Mama: One big star right after another. This is a 15 shot cake in the up to 500 gram category with purple stars, green glitter, lemon and blue stars with crackle and glitter.

Black Cat® True Blue Patriot: This one starts off with three big brocade palms and blue stars. This is a 15 shot cake in the up to 500 gram category with the perfect combination of comets, starts and brocades.

Black Cat® Rager: Lots of crackle and two-tier effects! This is a 12 shot cake that fills the sky with silver rain mines and red, yellow, purple, green dahlias with crackle.