We are excited to officially announce that in April 2018 we moved over 600 trailers, 12,000 pallets of fireworks and 25 full-time Winco associates to a new warehouse location. The Winco warehouse is now located in Grandview, Missouri, 25 miles west of our previous location.

We have experienced a tremendous growth since we first opened our doors in 1979 . We attribute this advancement to the loyalty and support of our long-standing customers. After nearly 39 years, we have outgrown our original location as it could not handle the high capacity needed for loading, storage and production. You will now be able to find our sales, production and warehouse associates all (comfortably) under one roof. Our new warehouse has a dedicated area for production and 16 docks to support our shipping and receiving teams. It allows us to store all our product in one place, rather than working out of 400 trailers. We have also refined our product picking system, establishing a more structured way of doing things. These major changes will permit us to operate more efficiently.
Our overall goal with the move is to deliver the best service to our customers and we are confident we’ll be able to do just that!

Address: 14140 Botts Road, Grandview, MO.
Phone: 816-697-2217