Fireworks season has officially kicked off and there is no better way to celebrate than to shoot off fireworks and eat the best BBQ in the Midwest! We started the season at Lone Jack, MO, with an awesome demo of our 2018 product line up. We shot over 50 new items each night from all the top brands – Black Cat, Powder Keg, Legend, Brothers, Asia Pyro, Nitro and Winda.

Our satellite locations wrap up their blast-offs the first week of May and we just had to share our favorites. Below are our top 15 products for this season!

1) Skull Shells: This pack of 12 skull smashing breaks will be a boom heard for miles. Here is a breakdown of each shell (two sets of six) 1. Red peony 2. Green chrysanthemum. 3. Blue chrysanthemum. 4. White chrysanthemum. 5. Yellow chrysanthemum. 6. Colorful chrysanthemum with a loud report with each break.

2) Green Goblin: This plastic molded goblin is one of a kind. This fountain erupts with gold sparks then green, gold and red sparks with whistling. The goblin even glows green!

3) Koi Pond: Don’t be fooled by this fish’s size; it’s packed with a variety of effects. The fountain starts with silver sparks, transitions to multi-color fish and a silk chrysanthemum and ends with a laser and crackling.

4) Centrifuge: This was a crowd favorite with a ton of effects in just over a minute. Here’s what this fountain looks like: 1. Red and green spark with titanium chrysanthemum 2. Blue and orange spark with white fir flower 3. Green and blue spark with sparkling crackle 4. Red and blue spark with double sparkle – spinning 5. Red spring 6. Blue spring 7. Red, green, yellow, blue and purple fish flower.

5) Gold Rush: This 200 gram is a classic. You’ll see it all from the red, blue and lemon dahlias to strobes with a finale of golden strobing willows.

6) House Party: Another 200 gram with ongoing gold waves and colorful strobes. This one might bring back memories of the 1990’s classic comedy.

7) Southwest Fiesta: 83 shots of crackling for this multi-shot 200 gram. Here are the details: 1. White glittering mine up to red tip crackling comet 2. White glittering mine up to green tip crackling comet 3. White glittering mine up to crackling comet 4. Red tip crackling comet with report 5. Green tip crackling comet with report 6. Crackling comet with report 7. Red star and crackle

8) Stonewall: This multi-shot 200 gram has the perfect combination of glitter and crackle with a variety of colored stars. Full effects: 1. Red star and white glitter 2. Lemon star and purple star 3. Green star and gold glitter 4. Red star and green star 5. Delay crackle

9) Combo Cakes: These assorted cakes have top-notch packaging and can be sold individually or in a four pack! Here are the details:
a. The Freak: Crackling mine up to-purple star and crackling comet; red umbrella and delay crackle; green umbrella and crackling comet; green palm and delay crackle; red and green star with delay crackle
b. Fright Night: Crackling mine up to-silver chrysanthemum with red and green leaves; brocade and red glitter; silver chrysanthemum with red and green leaves; brocade and green glitter; brocade with red and green glitter
c. Frat Party: Crackling mine up to-red umbrella and green glitter; brocade; green umbrella and gold glitter; brocade and red glitter; brocade and crackle
d. Electric Avenue: Crackling mine up to-red palm and delay crackle; sea blue and gold glitter; green palm and delay crackle; lemon and purple star with green glitter; crackling palm

10) OJ: The dark sky is the perfect backdrop for this multi-shot. It has an orange mine up to orange comet, then orange star and silver glitter.

11) Secret Agent: These 18 shots are filled with orange, blue and purple stars, bow tie (for extra class), a big gold palm, brocade palm with a silver flower willow and gold and green glitter.

12) Spider Bite: These are big breaks that will fill the sky. This 500 gram has a gold spider to color star with a red glittering willow.

13) 1000 Gram Display: Yes, you read that correctly! We have a 1000 gram display that is killer. You get all these effects in 30 seconds: Red, green, sky blue, orange, lemon star with red, green, blue, purple star with delay crackle, a crackling comet, blue star and red leaves with green leaves and finally red, green, blue and purple star with delay crackle at the end.

14) T.H.A.A.D: An awesome zipper cake with zigzag shooting of red, white and blue tails with big time rain chrysanthemums.

15) The Blues: Big booms, crackle and glitter sum up this multi-shot 500 gram cake. You’ll see a blue-green mine to blue-green and red glittering, sea blue peony and gold glittering and silver chrysanthemum mine to silver chrysanthemum.