Fourth of July is in less than 40 days and we want all our customers to be prepared! We are filling containers and operating at full capacity.

One challenge facing suppliers nationwide is the shortage of commercial truck drivers. Winco Fireworks is in daily communication with our trucking companies, planning out loads and securing drivers. Now is the time to get your order in along with your requested delivery date. The earlier we can start planning the better.

The industry is struggling to find qualified drivers as many long-time drivers are retiring and the lifestyle is no longer appealing to the younger generation. The continued growth of E-commerce also adds additional layer of constraint. The American Trucking Association, Bob Costello noted, “We’ve probably never had a situation like we have today, where the demand is strong and capacity is constrained.”

As driver availability continues to be tight, we encourage all our customers to order early. Contact your Winco sales rep and place your order today!

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