Office & Warehouse

Utah Warehouse 1

Winco Fireworks of Utah
Mailing Address

710 West Amidan Drive
Ogden, UT 84404

Shipping Address

710 West Amidan Drive
Bay 3 & 4
Ogden, UT 84404

Phone: 801-732-5880
Fax: 801-732-5877



Lauren Collar — General Manager &
Senior Sales Representative

Lauren has been working with Winco full-time since 2003. However, she began selling fireworks in the summer with her sisters and her parents at a very early age. She has traveled all over the country helping with different divisions of Winco. She currently oversees Winco Colorado and Winco Utah. She enjoys selling fireworks because she is passionate about supporting small business owners. She loves her Labrador Kingston and he is always by her side including at work. She loves living out west for the snowboarding, hiking, camping and the beautiful scenery.

Contact Lauren at 801-732-5880 or email at