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Bruce Pyles — General Manager &
Senior Sales Representative

Bruce Pyles has been in the fireworks industry since 1982. In 1982, he started at Red Rocket Fireworks managing a branch office in Charleston, Missouri. Bruce married Kim in 1982 as well. Together they have two beautiful daughters; Sally and Madeline. Sally has two children of her own that love fireworks.

In 1994, Bruce and his family moved to Rock Hill, South Carolina to build, open and oversee the East Coast Division for Red Rocket. Kim is a high school teacher, but you will see her during the fireworks season working at our retail store.

Bruce attended Southwest Missouri State University. Before jumping head first into fireworks, Bruce’s previous employment included time at Bass Pro Shops and O’Reilly Automotive.

Bruce served as President and head of the Board of Directors for Red Rocket Fireworks. He also served on the APA Advisory Committee and was twice nominated to the APA Board of Directors. He oversaw and directed the acquisition of Red Rocket Fireworks by Winco Fireworks and in 2009, and is currently the General Manager of Winco’s East Coast Division.

He enjoys spending time with family, hunting and fishing. He also attempts to have a garden every summer, but then he gives the fruits of his labor to all the critters while he works long hours over the July 4th season.

Bruce has seen a lot of change in the fireworks industry over the years and he can’t imagine doing anything other than his first love of selling fireworks.

Contact Bruce at 803-329-2577 or email him at