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Black Cat Party Pack 4 Assortment

Black Cat Party Pack 4 is Assembled in the USA


We have strong values here at Winco.  While it’s part of the territory when you’re in the business of celebrating America, our values have also kept this company going strong for over 35 years.  We believe in providing a high quality product at a low price, and we insist on creating local jobs and treating our staff like family.  (After all, a lot of them really are family!)

Our assortment line is a great example of our commitment to great product and our family of staff.  We’ve run an assortment line of some sort since the earliest days of Winco, and the process works so well that we haven’t changed it much.  In the beginning, every single piece of an assortment was carefully placed in the hand-folded tray all by folks who lived just down the road.  Today, we order some inserts from China, but we still assemble the final product here in Missouri to save on freight and keep costs low.  Plus, when you shrink wrap in the US, you get a better quality wrap that won’t tear on the shelf.  Assortments wrapped in China endure extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity on their long journey, and they just don’t hold up as well as an assortment made in the USA.

Our high quality, affordable assortments wouldn’t be possible without our friendly, efficient team of hard working Missourians who come in to build assortments all year long.  Take a walk around the production department and discover what happens behind the scenes to bring our made in the USA assortments to you.


production crew fireworks assortment

Click for Made in the USA video!


It starts with a dedicated leader and a great team.  Denise Sleichter, production manager, has worked for Winco for nearly 16 years, and she leads her team of veterans and newbies with quiet respect and lots of helpful knowledge.  Her easygoing manner keeps employees coming back, like her cheerful and friendly assistant manager, Krystal, aka “The Shrinker” because of her shrink wrapping speed.  Even new employees like Jana, Kaysi, and Jamie are immediately treated like family.  Having a team that works well together is essential to maximizing efficiency and productivity, and Denise and her team makes it look so easy.

Next time you’re tearing into that extra-strong shrink wrap to shoot all that awesome product, remember that assortment was made right in the USA by Denise and her hard-working crew!


production crew fireworks assortment party pack 4

Meet Krystal, Jamie, Kaysi, Jana, and Zack…making Black Cat Frireworks Party Pack 4!

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The Winco family has been working on our website for the past few months to make it easier for our customers to find all the information they need.  Now, we’re adding one more piece with a blog!  Here you can find up to the minute information about shipping, new product, shoot offs, order deadlines, and more.  We’ll explore product in depth, highlighting selling points and details about effects, introduce our friendly and helpful staff, and keep you posted on all our cool marketing tools, too.

As always, we are committed to the highest level of service, and this blog is one more way that we can reach out and share information to keep our customers in the know.

We’ll share new posts to Facebook, too, so be sure to “like” Winco so you never miss anything!  Share your questions and comments, too!  Keep the conversation going so we can keep meeting customer needs.