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Fireworks Safety

Winco Fireworks is committed to fireworks safety and providing high-quality fireworks for consumer use.  Our highest priority is to make sure that all the fireworks we sell are as safe as they can be for the user.  We have a strong partnership with AFSL and have developed an extensive testing program for our factories in China.  Our product is consistently tested before it is boxed up and loaded on a container.  Winco Fireworks also works closely with the American Pyrotechnics Association and the Consumer Products Safety Commission to address issues concerning the industry.  We love fireworks and helping people celebrate the 4th of July and other holidays and events with fireworks, we just want to make the celebration as safe as possible.

By working with these agencies, we hope to encourage an atmosphere of high-quality, safe fireworks throughout the fireworks industry.  If you would like more details on fireworks and the safety and quality of the fireworks, we encourage you to visit the American Pyrotechnics Associations website.  Through the APA’s new Safety & Education Foundation, you can find information regarding the best practices for fireworks safety along with great resources for parents and educators.  Please take the time to visit: www.celebratesafely.org.

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