The Collar brothers began in 1964 in a small town that barely made it on the map. David and John Collar, 15 and 18 respectively, decided a fireworks stand would be a great summer job. John was in it for the potential profit and David was more concerned about impressing his girlfriend whose dad sold fireworks. Their first stand was 6’ by 10’. During that steamy Midwest summer they both made $235 dollars. This was more than they could make all summer mowing lawns so they thought they had it made. They continued to build their stand locations and in 1979 they formed Winco Fireworks.

Winco Fireworks is the true leader in the Fireworks Industry. Our primary focus is to serve the needs of the wholesale customer. Winco Fireworks is the exclusive distributor of Black Cat Fireworks in North America. We take pride in the fact that we can work so closely with the STRONGEST, MOST RECOGNIZED BRAND in Fireworks. Black Cat has been in the United States for over 60 years and continues to improve their brand with most innovative products in the industry. The owners of Winco have been in the fireworks business since 1964 and know the ins and outs of the industry at the retail, wholesale and development level. With frequent trips to China we have great relationships with the Top factories in China.

Winco has evolved with the times, but kept true to their first beliefs about selling fireworks. Having the best selection, best prices, most innovative product and the Largest Selection of Black Cat has never changed. Winco Fireworks strives to bring you everything you could ever want as a fireworks retailer. Winco combines the talents and ideas of the best people in the entire industry to bring you the number one purchasing experience.

All the fireworks imported by Winco Fireworks meet all AFSL and CPSC regulations. We work extensively with the factories in China to ensure that all the 1.4G fireworks we develop go through a strict testing regiment before they are ever loaded onto a container and shipped to the United States. Winco Fireworks will stop at nothing to create the safest, most enjoyable and top of the line fireworks experience!

Winco Fireworks is a proud member of the American Pyrotechnics Association and works closely with state and local governments to ensure laws are safe and fair for the industry.