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About Us

About Us….Industry leading innovation, quality products and customer loyalty is the foundation that Winco Fireworks is built on, and what has kept us in business for over 35 years.

About Us

Starting with a small 60 square foot stand in the summer of 1964 in Pittsburg, KS, John & David Collar thought selling fireworks would be much more fun than mowing yards all summer long! After they each made nearly $250 that summer – they were hooked and never looked back. Each summer they went back to stand determined to give customers good product at a fair price, but more importantly build trust in a customer that would return each year.

By the winter of 1979 Winco Fireworks had grown enough that it finally was incorporated. They purchased their first “official” warehouse in Stanley, Kansas. That summer, the entire Collar clan pitched in to help fill orders, invoice customers and make deliveries. That is a tradition that has carried over to this day. Winco Fireworks is a true family business and relies not only on family to work, but on employees that are like family to John and David.

We all believe that you are what make Winco what it is today. It is customers like you that have made Winco a success over the years. From the first handshake, to the last order, we want you to know that we truly believe it is our job to make you as successful as possible. We value our customers and know that customer service is something that sets us apart from all the other wholesalers in the industry. Combine that with innovative product, the strongest brand in the industry and you’ve got all the support you need to be a success in this business.

All the fireworks imported by Winco Fireworks meet all AFSL and CPSC regulations. We work extensively with the factories in China to ensure that all the 1.4G fireworks we develop go through a strict testing regiment before they are ever loaded onto a container and shipped to the United States. Winco Fireworks will stop at nothing to create the safest, most enjoyable and top of the line fireworks experience!

Winco Fireworks is a proud member of the American Pyrotechnics Association and works closely with state and local governments to ensure laws are safe and fair for the industry.

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